Joshua Fortuna


Welcome To Me



Hello.  As you may have known, my name is Joshua Baron Fortuna. I started this blog to help with my writing and public speaking. I'm taking baby steps by just working on the writing. In due time I'll create videos, but as my wife has witnessed I need a little help when I get in front of the camera. Speaking of Yesi, she is also the inspiration for me to even think of blogging. So you can thank/blame her for this.


My Background

I have made my own personal title: Aplhadesignartographer. It was the only way that I could encompass most of what I do. I am a hand letterer, graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker, artist, motion graphics designer, and a couple other minor roles.

I first began with photography when my father passed me his Ricoh ME-1 and an instructional book on photography that he used when he was my age. All through high school I only used 35mm film developed at Walgreens. It wasn't until college that I bought my first DSLR, the Nikon D300, from a pawn shop in Denton. My college years were spent at the Art Institute of Dallas where I received my BFA in Advertising Design in 2011.


Work Life

Straight out of school I worked at Youtoo TV until I left to freelance for a few months while we worked on our wedding. Once my freelance career began to slow down, I started on my path to living the agency life. I worked at various agencies for about 5 years to follow such as Creative Magma, The Infinite Agency, and Stripes Agency.

For me, the agency life—which was every freshman's dream—took a toll on me and my home life. When you tell yourself, work would be so much better if it weren't for the clients as many times as I did, you realize that you have to take the client out of the equation and work in-house. I now work as the Head of Photography and Video at rewardStyle in Dallas, TX.

Aside from my full-time work, I've had the opportunity to create some amazing work for others that has warmed my heart. Such as helping local makers like Dei Gratia & Co.Hound ATX, Emm Design Studio, & Lonesome Pine Mercantile. I've also been featured a few times by, D Magazine, & The Surge (formerly ThriveWire).


Personal Life

I met the woman that would become my wife in 2010. I knew very quickly that we'd be together 'til the end. I knew I had to act quick before she realized she was making a mistake, so I asked her to marry me in late 2011 and we had wed on September 22, 2012. We have one four-legged daughter named Winny, a beautiful Boston Terrier that has been with us for nearly five years.


Thug Life



My Gear Bag

Between my wife & I, we have a decent amount of gear. Here is the breakdown of just the (digital) cameras and lenses.